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books that captivate caitlin

i love books, books are my bestfriend. Everyone has a thing, some people are sports, some people have music mine is reading. i love the way books can transport you into a another land, you can get lost in them for hours. its my way of escaping.
"As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."

John Green, the fault in our stars

captivating, once picked up you cannot put down.

The Midwife's Confession - Diane Chamberlain

This way my first book i read by Diane Chamberlain but not the last. A friend recommended her to me after seeing that i enjoy Jodi Picoult.

It was a nail biter!" full of twist and turns and when you think you've figured it out she hits you with another wave of information and you're back to square one. I love the way it was narrated by all the key characters and not only with the present but with bits of the past.  Noelle, Tara & Emerson's friendship seemed so strong but i loved the way there was so much depth, so many secrets putting a strain on it. I loved Chamberlain's portrayal of their bond following Noelle's suicide. and the ending knocked my socks of. Absolutely Fab.


The blurb.

What I have to tell you is difficult to write, but I know it will be far more difficult for you to hear, and I'm so sorry-

The unfinished letter is the only clue Tara and Emerson have to the reason behind their close friend Noelle's suicide. Everything they knew about Noelle - her calling as a midwife, her passion for causes, her love for her friends and family - described a woman who embraced life.

Yet there was so much they didn't know.

With the discovery of the letter and its heartbreaking secret, Noelle's friends begin to uncover the truth about this complex woman who touched each of their lives - and the life of a desperate stranger - with love and betrayal, compassion and deceit.